Faux Swing Out Carriage Door

Artisan Carolina Carriage House Door


These custom wood garage doors from Artisan feature a faux swing out carriage door look in a weathered painted finish. The versatility provided by the abundance of wood species and different finishes complements any style of architecture.

Traditional swing out garage doors

Originally, carriage house doors did swing outward from the middle. However, this puts all the weight and strain on the hinges and the door itself. As garage doors became more mainstream, they grew in width to accommodate two cars. To support the extra length and weight, the overhead traveling garage door became the standard.

Today, we don't have many options for true swing out garage doors. Since there are no swing out garage doors available from manufacturers, a custom built garage door is your best bet to achieve the old-school traditional style and function of a swing out garage door.

More swing out look garage doors

Many of today's carriage style garage doors give the appearance of being a swing out door. These garage doors often have faux handles in the center, exactly where they used to be when you needed to grab one to operate the door. Other types of decorative hardware add details that reflect what once was functional hardware, such as strap hinges.

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