Clopay Canyon Ridge Cypress Overlay Carriage Door

Clopay Canyon Ridge Cypress Cladding Overlay Carriage Door


Clopay's Canyon Ridge carriage doors are constructed with a faux cypress overlaid on an insulated steel garage door. The Canyon Ridge carriage door above has a pecked cypress overlay with a clear cypress cladding.  Decorative spade hardware, as well as a set of handles add to the contrast between the two species of cypress.


Options And Styles

The Canyon Ridge collection offers a variety of style options to achieve a door that's truly your style. Choose from 3 natural wood tones.Clopay canyon ridge color and finish choices

In your choice of composite faux wood species for cladding and overlay.

Clopay canyon ridge composite faux wood species

In a number of panel styles and configurations.

Clopay canyon ridge panel styles 1

Clopay canyon ridge panel styles 2

Clopay canyon ridge panel style 3

It's possible to achieve more configurations than are presented here. Contact us for more information on a more custom design in this model. Optional windows and/or arched tops allow for even more control over the finished look.

Clopay canyon ridge top panel window designs 1

Clopay canyon ridge top panel window designs 3

Clopay canyon ridge top panel window designs 2

Limited Edition vs Ultra Grain

The Canyon Ridge doors come in 2 different models, the limited edition and the ultra grain. The main difference being the cladding. The limited edition is covered in two layers of the faux wood overlay, the cladding and the overlay. The ultra grain features a wood grain finish with the same faux wood composite overlay. More information about these garage doors can be found in the Clopay canyon ridge product flyer.


For more information on installation in the metro Atlanta area, please call us at 678-714-7393, or at info@localhost . We also install other types of carriage style garage doors in the Atlanta area, including steel, wood, composite, and custom built doors.

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