Clopay Reserve


Custom built wooden carriage doors straight from the manufacturer.

Your imagination is the limit with Clopay’s Reserve Collection of garage doors. Choose from pre-made designs or a completely custom made garage door straight from the manufacturer.

These wood garage doors are constructed in a layered fashion. Everything is built on an insulated frame. The door's exterior consists of 2 or 3 layers of wood paneling and trim to give it a customizable appearance.

A diagram showing how the Clopay Reserve garage doors are made from layers of wood, insulation and trim.

Different wood species, such as hemlock, cedar, redwood, cedar, fir and meranti, are available to choose from. Seven different finishes are available from Clopay, including pre-painted wood garage doors. These custom wood garage doors are available for installation in the greater Atlanta area. You may want to look at Clopay’s brochure for their reserve collection or check out the different panel designs available with this line of wood garage doors. Or, get in touch for details on pricing and availability.

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