Custom Garage Door

custom garage door


Custom Garage Door

The spruce trim work spruces up this traditional custom garage door with a barn-style overlay. Next, a deep wood stain sets the stage for custom carriage garage door hardware, adding a bold touch of curb appeal.

Please take a moment to check out a few more pictures of custom garage doors like the one above or learn more about wood garage doors installed in the metro Atlanta, GA area. 

Not only can you find many ready-made garage doors similar to this one from national brands, but you can also choose from a variety of wood species and design a custom wooden garage door that reflects your home's unique style.

FAQs about custom garage doors

Here are answers to many questions people ask when searching for that perfect garage door.


You'll find a broad range of prices for custom garage doors, as any garage door bearing some personalization could fall into this category.

Steel garage doors with a carriage house overlay

Pricing starts with steel garage doors with a customizable overlay, usually made of composite material. You can find doors like these straight from the manufacturer or choose a fully custom design for the garage door's exterior.

From this price point, costs can increase considerably.

Flush wood panels with a custom wood overlay

If you want a wood garage door without breaking the bank, a customized wood overlay on flush wood garage door panels may be the way to go. These types of garage doors usually have a higher R-value due to their layered construction, offering quieter operation and energy efficiency.

Keep in mind that since these types of woods tend to be less expensive, they're generally better suited to a painted finish instead of a wood stain.

Full-custom wood garage doors

Full-custom wood garage doors are hand-crafted to any specifications. While the choice of wood species can impact the overall cost of the door, the detailed nature of a project like this drives up costs, making this the most expensive option in most cases. True swing-out carriage-style garage doors fall into this sought-after category.

Time frame

The long lead times required for special order garage doors can be a deal breaker. We recommend planning weeks to months ahead, depending on what kind of garage door you choose. The time required to receive a non-stock garage door has improved. Still, most manufacturers have yet to make it back to pre-pandemic delivery times. Choosing a semi-custom or fully-custom door is similarly hindered by materials availability, with a local lumber supply still feeling the effects of supply chain issues.

Maintenance and longevity

It's best to plan for future maintenance costs with a custom garage door. Any exterior wood products will need to stay weatherproof and sealed, and any painted wood or steel will eventually require a fresh coat. That could mean maintaining a finish yearly or even semi-annually.

Homes with garage doors that are more exposed to sunlight and weather will need more frequent maintenance to extend the life of the garage doors. In addition, darker colors tend to be harder on garage doors, especially when they're located on a sunny, south-facing side of the house.

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